The World Of Warcraft has a great significant for activision blizzard. Do you want to know about it as World of warcraft is the most popular on the web game with the globe world at present and the wow gold is more and more popular as a result the listed users have more than ten million.

As the high gross revenue of on-line game, wow has regarded as the income to the activision blizzard. in the share of activision, there are about 28% market value is relevant to the revenue of wow. However, in the beginning of 2011, this type of online game begin declining. We think how the primary factors is relevant to the spring up of free on-line online game and other on-line game’s competition.

The latest world of warcraft is facing the biggest risk from the huge on-line online game Star Wars: The Old Republic that may be publiced just now. Many critics are revealed how the online game will bring a fantastic harm for world of warcraft. right after all worls of warcraft has operated for a lengthy time, however the Star Wars: The Old Republic has an advantage for skills. However, statistical data can also to proof Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since December 20, 2011 may be launch, there are about 1.7 million registration users.

The the quantity of planet of warcraft users to proceed about the slide has the share costs of induced serious bad effect. despite the simple fact that the company in your 3rd quarter and the fourth quarter of the strong performance, but in your dynamic announced on planet of warcraft users after falling, its shares began to keep falling.

World of warcraft declining in quantities of users about the blizzard delivers bad effect. Because of the planet of warcraft to blizzard means a lot, and the operation team of the fixture is incredibly huge,wow gold. Rife that the hardest job cuts should fall in planet of warcraft internal departments.

Although between the 600 workforce of the layoffs, there are no someone are belonging to the planet of warcraft, but But it is widely think that some workforce ought to be from the planet of warcraft operations. The proceed should also shows the planet of warcraft acceptance has fatigue, so the company had already begun reduce planet of warcraft operation scale.